Monday, November 17, 2008

North Carolina Writers Network Fall Conference, Days 2-3

Saturday was a long day at the conference, starting at 8 am and ending at 9:30 pm. I went to three classes, one on point of view, one on writing columns for newspapers, and one on writing memoir. I surprised myself by actually chatting with people at lunch and in the foyer during the breaks. I walked around the Exhibitor tables and talked to the vendors one by one. The people I met were friendly and down-to-earth. Somehow I was afraid they would be artsy-fartsy, snobby people who looked down on beginners, but this was totally not the case. No one questioned whether or not I was a good writer, or a writer at all. I even enjoyed the faculty readings, where published authors would read from their books in ten-minute intervals. I was surprised at how many new books and new authors I was interested in.

Sunday was another early day, starting with a breakfast panel at 8 am. I had to drag myself out of bed, and I arrived a few minutes late, by the time I gathered my coffee, fruit, and danishes and found a seat at the back of the room. I went to two classes on Sunday, one about finding our voice in our writing, taught by a very enthusiastic ER doctor who wrote a book about his experiences in the ER, and one about writing to prompts, which was okay, but I’m really not very good at writing stuff on the spur of the moment. Nevertheless, I came away from the conference encouraged to write and confident that I could do it. I even made a new friend who I can go with to other writing events.


avr said...

I moved to NC in August and was not aware of this event, it sounds great with lots of useful information. Would you recommend it and do you know if they will have it again next year?

Glenda C. Beall said...

Kristie, I'm so glad you found the NCWN Fall Conference to be as nice as I did the first time I attended.
May I quote your post about the conference on our blog
It is refreshing to hear the thoughts of a new young writer on attending this conference.

Kristie with a K said...

Yes, the NCWN has a conference every fall in varying locations across NC. I was nervous to attend by myself for the first time, but it turned out to be great, with sessions for all levels and varieties of writers. I would recommend it.